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At a recent meeting of senior players, several ideas were decided to promote tennis among the adults:

  • Teresa Pitt will draw up a ladder tournament for all interested members. Names will be placed on small coins for those who wish to participate. These small discs will be used to display movement up or down the board depending on who wins the game. The board will be placed inside the sign up board inside the court area. Teresa has about 17 names now and you may call to add your name. (Tel: 519-725-3116) For ladder rules, please click here or use the link in the menu at right.
  • Lessons: There are no plans to schedule lessons for adults; however, Kiyong and other players will do some small group lessons. Call him if interested to select an evening. (Tel 519 342 2795)
  • Twenty-one: This is a game that is started with a ball hit over the net and returned and then it is in play. A point is scored by server if it is not returned. It simplifies the game by eliminating the serve.
  • NEW to the game or beginner? Try to make contact with someone who has played before and ask them to give you some help. Most members are anxious to help. See the tennis board near the door to the pool shed for names and telephone numbers of participants/players.

Look forward to seeing you;

Swain Van Camp, Senior Tennis Coordinator

July 7th 2010 -

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