Board of Directors
For position descriptions, please see the About the BSHA section of the website.
Officer Positions
President President
Jennifer Knight
Vice President Vice President
Laurel Lavell
Treasurer Treasurer
Scott Webb
Secretary Secretary
Angela Neumann

Portfolio Positions
Membership Coordinator Membership Coordinator
Barry Reville
Communications Communications
"The Breeze" Newsletter Editor and Publicity
Elaine Ruddock
Maintenance Coordinator Maintenance Coordinator
Rick Johnston
Thor Neumann
Social Coordinator Social Coordinator
Erin McKechnie
Pool Coordinator Pool Coordinator
Melody & Tom Lasenby
Tennis Coordinator Tennis Coordinator
Crystal Quast
Webmaster Webmaster
Paul Vlasschaert
Webmaster Members at Large
Shayne Turner
Non-Executive Positions
Legal Advisor
Darryl Varey
Maintenance Support Personnel
Greg McDowell, Jordan Willis, Jason Arnold