Descriptions of Executive Positions

To find out who is currently filling each of these roles, please see the Your Executive page. All positions are elected, or proclaimed, for a term of two years.


Prepares the agendas and chairs Executive Meetings, Annual Meetings and General Meetings. Represents BSHA.

Vice President

Takes over in the event the President is unavailable or resigns. Welcomes new members to the community.


Takes the minutes of Executive, Annual and General meetings. Is the keeper of the official minutes. Prepares correspondence.


Keeps the books. Makes payments for services. Prepares BSHA budgets. Does the payroll for pool and tennis personnel.

Membership Co-ordinator

Prepares and keeps an updated list of all Association members. Collects Annual Fees and handles late payments. Meets new owners and obtains a completed INFORMATION SECTION of the Annual Fees Notice. Ensures that new owners have copies of BSHA Handbook with Restrictive Covenant. Provides tennis court keys to new neighbors and to members needing a replacmenet key. A small charge is made for replacements.

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Maintains the pool and pool machinery. Arranges for the grounds in and around the pool, tennis courts, and the rest of the Recreation Centre to be cleaned and maintained. Prepares an annual budget for the maintenance and cleaning of the pool, tennis courts, the rest of the Recreation Centre, and surrounding property.

Newsletter Editor

Gathers, inputs, and formats information for the BSHA newsletter.

Pool Co-ordinator

Hires, supervises and is responsible for the lifeguards. Monitors the pool. Enforces pool regulations. Handles pool related complaints. Prepares the annual pool budget.

Tennis Co-ordinator

Responsible for the recruitment of a tennis instructor. Recommends maintenance requirements for tennis courts. Administers tennis programs. Enforces tennis regulations. Handles tennis-related complaints. Prepares the annual tennis budget.

Publicity Co-ordinator

Prepares BSHA flyers, newsletters, etc. Recruits Street Representatives to deliver BSHA flyers, newsletters, event notifications, etc. Handles the printing of such flyers and distribution to the Street Representatives.

Social Co-ordinator

Recruits and chairs a committee to assist in the running of social events. Prepares a budget for social events.

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