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An Update on Clair Lake (May 2012)

The representative for Beechwood South is Nathan Slichter. The letter below is from the chair of the Clair Lake committee that Nathan participates in on behalf of BSHA.

Dear Beechwood Residents

On May 15th, the Clair Lake Citizen's Task Force held its last scheduled meeting with City of Waterloo Staff and Conestoga Rovers, the consultants who have been designing the process for dredging, cleaning up and modifying the lake so that it stays cleaner. The Task Force was updated on the progress being made in enacting this design. The important details are as follows:

The City is currently finalizing the permits required from the Grand River Conservation Authority that are required for this work. The contract to perform the dredging and cleaning up will be put out for tender on May 25th and should close June 21st. Due to the fact that the approval process will not fit with the regular council schedule, the two councilors on the Task Force have volunteered to call a special council meeting to approve the contract on or about July 9th (keep that date open so we can attend and show our support!). This will keep the project on schedule for the construction phase to start in August in the upstream areas. Work on Clair Lake itself is scheduled to start in October, with dredging occurring in the fall and winter. The main part of the lake should be dredged using a boat which will vacuum mud into large plastic bags. These will hold the sediment as it dries out over a few months (these bags will be surrounded by a fence and should be left alone). The top end of the lake will be dredged with excavating equipment in the winter when the ground is frozen. The rest of the improvements to the lake, as described in the pictures presented at last winter's Public Input Center will be carried out in the spring and fall of 2013, ending in September 2013. The City will hold another Public Input Center in September to show all the citizens who live around the Lake the plan for the work and the final design of the Lake and its surrounding areas.

Although the formal meetings of the Task Force are over, its members will continue to be a conduit of information from the city and to pass feedback to the city if needed, so please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need further information.


Brian Dixon, Chair, CLCTF

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