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Your Association cannot operate without volunteers. You are encouraged to take part in this community in any capacity - by serving on the executive, on committees, and/or helping in the spring cleanup, and/or attending general meetings. All executive positions are elected, or proclaimed, for a term of two years.


The Beechwood South Homes Association Inc. has 209 members. Included are all the homes on Briarcliffe Crescent, Briarcliffe Place, Candlewood Crescent (but not the townhouses at 206 Candlewood Crescent), Castlegate Crescent, McCarron Crescent, McCarron Place, and 24 homes on Craigleith Drive (from 360 to 400 on the north side and 363 to 401 on the south side)

Each household pays an annual fee as approved at an Annual Meeting of the Association. The annual fee covers the period January 01 through December 31 of each year. Legally, every homeowner in Beechwood South is required to pay any such fees, dues and levies as are imposed from time to time by the Association until January 01, 2014. If the property changes hands during the course of the year, the fee is adjusted at closing time by lawyers. Membership fees are due on May 01 of each year. In the event that the fees are not paid by the due date, members are required to pay the amount due on May 01, plus an additional $50.00 by May 31. In the event that the fees are not paid by May 31, and collection proceedings are required, the additional costs of such proceedings become the responsibility of the homeowners as well. A credit charge is added to the homeowner's account based on the previous month's balance, calculated at a daily interest rate set at an Annual Meeting.

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